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About Us

Mezés artisan is a Bay Area food startup company producing handcrafted Greek dips. It is a family-owned business founded by the Maheras family: Chef Nikos Maheras and Carol Maheras. They specialize in dips that provide your tastebuds with "a taste of Greece." The products include Tzatziki dip, Spicy Feta dip, and Roasted Eggplant dip. All dips are made with carefully sourced non-GMO ingredients, are gluten-free, have no added sugar, and contain no artificial preservatives. The objective is to implement the healthy aspect but not take away from the deliciousness and nutritious element of the products. Mezés seeks those who have an interest in living and eating healthily. Nikos Maheras' objective is to unite his passion for Greek cuisine with his goal to provide easy-to-use, healthy and organic dips to health-conscious consumers, busy professionals, and people on the go. If interested, check out the products tab on the website, or scroll down to see some of the various combinations of which foods could go with Mezés Artisan dips! 

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Farm Fresh To You (Online Delivery Store)

"Mezés offers a line of fresh handcrafted clean label dips packaged with nutritional goodness that will satisfy all your cravings. Their Smoked Eggplant Dip is slight, smokey, and 100% addictive! Their Spicy Feta dip is a mildly spicy spread made with delicious Greek [...]"

"Mezés Artisan dips are the perfect healthy substitutes to use for my meals! I love how unique each one tastes, and the good news is that we found healthy snack options that our kids enjoy eating!"


Kevin Menda (SCFD)

"What attracted me was the packaging! Super convenient, very easy to grab and go, and pretty affordable! Mezés Artisan dips with pita chips or carrots are my all-time favorite go-to snack currently. And a double bonus is that it's healthy."


Natalie Wenzel, Blogger (Stay-at-home mom)

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