At Mezés Artisan™, we make dips that are unbelievably delicious, incredibly comforting, seriously nourishing!

Chef Nikos Maheras, Mezes artisan founder and creator-in-chief, believes that food must be not only delicious but nourishing and comforting. Our line of fresh handcrafted clean label dips is delivering on this promise! Our dips are packed with nutritional goodness that will satisfy all your cravings, "spreading happiness along the way".


smoked eggplant dip

Mezés artisan smoked eggplant dip is 100% plant-based, full with fresh vegetables and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It makes it the perfect topper for a quick and healthy meal, but just equally fun for a quick snack with crackers! In other words, it is a fun dip,  irresistibly addictive!

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about us

Mezés artisan is a Bay Area food startup, handcrafting incredibly delicious and unbelievable healthy Greek dips. Founder and Executive Chef Nikos Maheras has united his passion for Greek cuisine with his goal to bring easy-to-use, delicious dips to busy professionals and moms-on-the-go. All of our dips are made with carefully sourced non-GMO ingredients, are gluten-free, have no added-sugar and contain no artificial preservatives.

“At Mezés artisan, we believe that food has to be delicious, nourishing and comforting to fulfill its entire mission, and this is what we are committed to bringing to our customers, day in and day out! They are packed with nutritional goodness and will satisfy all your cravings, spreading happiness along the way!

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